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2020 District Champs

SCGZ Logo Mt Coolum Logo

(Lindsay Quinn Memorial Trophy)

Keith Horne Maroochy River 73
SCGZ Senior Men's Champion Keith Horne Maroochy River 73
Open Gross Runner-Up Peter Bennett   75
Open Gross 3rd Place Paul Higgs Maroochy River 76
SCGZ Senior Nett Winner Paul Norman Mt Coolum 70
Open Nett Winner Dain Stone Mt Coolum 72 OCB
Open Nett Runner-Up David Cush Mt Coolum 72
B Grade Winner (Nett) Kerod Rothman Mt Coolum 73 OCB
B Grade Runner-Up (Nett) Matthew Wright Mt Coolum 73
C Grade Winner (Nett) Tome Tupackovski Mt Coolum 73
C Grade Runner-Up (Nett) Chris Wright Mt Coolum 75

SCGZ Open Amateur

Open Champion 2020
Adam Hawkins (Palm Meadows) and sponsor Justin Walsh


Open Runner-Up
Brad Butler (Headland)

Div 1 Nett Winner
Barry Howe (Burleigh)

SCGZ President - Graeme Finn
Winner Adam Hawkins

Junior Winner
Manato Nakatani (Burleigh)

Div 2 Gross Winner 
James Brownsworth (Headland)
Runner Up NettWinner Graeme and winner Junior Winner JamesBrownsworth


DIVISION 1 (0-5)    
Gross Winner Adam Hawkins (Palm Meadows) E, -2 -2
Gross Runner-Up Brad Butler (Headland) E
Gross Third George Giblett (Noosa) +2
Net Winner Barry Howe (Burleigh) -3, +2 -1
Net Runner-Up Scott Bromfield (Headland) +3
Net Third Keith Horne ( Maroochy River) +5
DIVISION 2 (6-11)    
Gross Winner James Brownsworth (Headland) +7, +6 +13
Gross Runner-Up Barry Newton (Headland) +17
Gross Third Tamatoa Casirmiro (Noosa) +20
Nett Winner Jason Childs (Headland) +1, +2 +3
Nett Runner-Up Greg Doolan (Headland) +4 OCB
Net Third Peter Kennedy (Cooroy) +4
DIVISION 3 (12-18)    
Gross Winner Grant Martyn (Headland) +13, +14 +27
Gross Runner-Up James Daniel (Headland) +30
Gross Third Peter Raymond (Headland) +31)
Net Winner Brett Johnstone (Headland) -2, +6 +4
Net Runner-Up Burgess Stephenson (Headland) +6
Net Third Garrie Lake (Palmer Gold Coast) +8
Champion Manato Nakatano (Birleigh) +4, +6 +10
Runner-Up Shane Dunning (Noosa) +26
Third Shhae Coghlan (Headland) +38
Champion Keith Horne (Maroochy River) +5, +4 +9
Runner-Up Bradley Ward (nudgee) +12
Third Brian Kesby (Headland) +13

SCGZ logo Congratulations to everyone - players, managers, caddies and supporters - involved with the 2020 SCGZ pennant finals.
Caloundra logo Thanks to Caloundra Golf Club, proshop staff, kitchen staff and Caloundra member volunteers who helped make the day a success.

2020 Final Results

(Full results below)

Grade   Winner   Runner-Up
Juniors Caloundra  Caloundra1 Caloundra Caloundra 3
Masters Noosa Noosa Maroochy River Maroochy River
B Grade Mt Coolum Mt Coolum Noosa Noosa
A Grade Noosa Noosa Headland Headland

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Drummond Golf logo

Drummond Golf
Pennant Player of the Year

A big thank you to our generous sponsors of the 2020 Pennant Player of the Year


Juniors Riley Bell (Caloundra) Riley Bell
Masters Gerry Lynch (Maroochy River) Gerry Lynch
B Grade David Ly (Peregian)  
A Grade Stephan Scheepers ( Mt Coolum)  

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Jnr Capt Junior Winners Jnr RunnerUp Capain
Liam Dawson 1 10 & 8   9 Adam Janzs
Riley Bell 7 6 & 4   14 Marley Arnott
Brady Mann 13 2 & 1   18 Will Stringer

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Masters RunnersUp Masters Winners Masters Captain
Frank Watsford 8 SQ SQ 4 Rerx Achurch
Jim Chiles 8   1 Up 8 Graham Farrell
Shane Emery 8   2 & 1 6 John Mierocha
Stephen Connors 11   4 & 2 9 Neville Hazlett
Rod Smith 14   1 Up 8 Darren Wylie
Robbie Moule 15 3 & 2   12 Ian Burrough
Gerry Lynch 16 5 & 3   13 Geoff Foster

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B Captain B Winners masters RunnersUp
Nathan Collins 8 ½ ½ 3 Lee Christie
Julian Stavrou 8 3 & 1   5 Grant Baker
Brendan Cassidy 11   2 & 1 6 Brad Graham
Jamie Franklin 12 1 Up   6 Darren Weatherby-Blythe
Jim Rice 10 5 & 4   10 Chris Wright
Mick Mraz 10 4 & 3   8 Michael Naz
Paddy Gassner 12   1 Up 9 David Mills

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A RunnersUp A Winners A Captain
Adam Richards   3 & 1 Toby Harding
Brad Butler   4 & 2 George Giblett
Dave Ratray 5 & 4   Josh Maddison
Scott Walker   19th Sam Boulden
Adam Rydwanski   4 & 3 Alec O'Brien
Sean McGill 2 Up   Alex Officer
Josh Holbrook   4 & 3 Cooper Clarke


SCG Logo Tee times for pennant finals - Caloundra Sunday 20th September
Drummond Golf Thanks to Drummond Golf for their generous sponsorship of the 2020 Pennant Player of the Year in all four grades.


7:00am Juniors Caloundra logo Caloundra 1 Caloundra logo Caloundra 3
7:30am Masters Noosa logo Noosa Maroochy logo Maroochy River
8:20am B Grade Noosa logo Noosa Mt Coolum logo Mt Coolum
9:10am A Grade Noosa logo Noosa Headland logo Headland

Division 1 & 2 Full Nett Results Division 3 & 4 Full Nett Results
All Results - Boys & Girls


Boys Gross and Nett Winners

SCGZ Junior Open 2020 - Boys Winners

Girls Gross and Nett Winners

Junior Girls Results

Special Prizes

Junior OPen Special Prizes

The R&A and USGA have moved to clarify whether a competition being run using temporary measures to help minimise exposing players to COVID-19 is being “played under the Rules of Golf”.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, both governing bodies have issued guidance so that Committees running golf competitions can better understand the options available under the Rules of Golf.

The R&A’s expanded guidance, which supplements the information contained in the Committee Procedures section of the “Official Guide to the Rules of Golf”, is outlined below. In relation to this guidance, it is important to note the following:

  • * The Rules of Golf have not been modified.
  • * If a Committee follows any of the available options contained in this guidance, the competition is being played under the Rules of Golf.
  • * If a Committee is considering taking an action to modify the Rules of Golf that is not addressed within the Committee Procedures or in the expanded guidance below, that Committee should contact The R&A if it wishes guidance on whether the competition will be played under the Rules of Golf.

It is not the purpose of this communication to make recommendations or offer guidance in relation to the playing of golf at this time. Please refer to the appropriate body in your country for such guidance.

 Scoring in Stroke Play (Rule 3.3b)

In view of concerns around handling and exchanging scorecards (which may be in paper or electronic form as already provided in the Rules), on a temporary basis, Committees may choose to allow methods of scoring in stroke play that do not strictly comply with Rule 3.3b or do not comply with the normal methods used under Rule 3.3b.

For example:

  • * Players may enter their own hole scores on the scorecard (it is not necessary for a marker to do it).
  • * It is not necessary to have a marker physically certify the player’s hole scores, but some form of verbal certification should take place if at all possible.
  • * It is not necessary to physically return a scorecard to the Committee provided the Committee can accept the scores in another way.


Committees may choose to adopt the following policies on a temporary basis:

  • * Require that players leave the flagstick in the hole at all times. It is a matter for the Committee to decide whether it establishes this policy by way of a Code of Conduct or Local Rule, and whether it provides a penalty under the Code of Conduct or for a breach of the Local Rule.
  • * Not have flagsticks at all.
  • * As a temporary provision, flagsticks can be used for the purpose of player safety which do not meet the specifications in Part 8 of the Equipment Rules. For example, a Committee may temporarily decide to use a flagstick that has an added movable platform or tray to help prevent touching the flagstick when removing the ball from the hole.
  • * Allow players to centre the flagstick in a safe manner which does not involve using the hand, even when wearing a glove or using a towel (for example, by using a club). The centring of the flagstick may be allowed while another player putts (this may be desirable in windy conditions when the flagstick is required to be left in the hole and is leaning towards the player making the stroke).

 Hole and Definition of Holed

A method of inserting the hole liner may be used that means that all of the ball does not fall below the surface of the putting green and can be easily retrieved by handling the ball only.

But if any of the following provisions are used, play in such circumstances is not in accordance with the Rules of Golf:

  • * Treating a ball as holed or holed with the next stroke if it is within a certain distance of the hole.
  • * Having the hole liner sitting above the surface of the green and treating a ball as holed if it strikes the liner.
  • * Treating a ball as holed when it has bounced out of the hole for any reason (for example, when it has bounced off the flagstick, a tray attached to the flagstick or the hole liner).


If rakes have been removed from the course, or if the Committee has requested that rakes not be used, it is recognised that bunkers may not be smoothed as well as when there are rakes on the course. Players should be requested to make their best efforts to smooth bunkers using their feet or a club, which was the method used to smooth bunkers until the relatively modern practice of having rakes on the course was introduced. This may not provide an ideal lie in a bunker, but coping with imperfect lies, whether in a bunker or elsewhere, is a normal part of the game.

But, if the Committee decides that, even with players making their best efforts to smooth the sand, the condition of the bunkers is likely to be so abnormal that it will be clearly unreasonable for players to play the ball as it lies, the Committee may use one of the following options:

  • * Change the status of the bunkers to be part of the general area and declare all of them to be ground under repair.
  • * Introduce preferred lies in bunkers, for example allowing a place in the bunker within one club-length not nearer to the hole than where the ball came to rest.

But if the following provision is used, play in such circumstances is not in accordance with the Rules of Golf:

  • * Allowing a ball to be lifted, the bunker to be smoothed and the ball to be replaced.

Note: A Committee should consult its handicapping authority for guidance on whether scores are acceptable for handicapping purposes.

The SCSBDGA has been carefully monitoring all information available regarding the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 and remains focused on the health and safety of the Sunshine Coast, South Burnett and Glasshouse Mountains golfing community.
While the game of golf itself is a low-risk activity, there are many accompanying factors that increase the possibility of spreading the infection. Of course, the COVID-19 situation is still rapidly developing and further measures, postponement or cancellations may be necessary in the future. The following golf-specific precautions are to be followed (as a minimum):


  • If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early. DO NOT GO TO GOLF.
    • Stay home if you feel unwell. If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical attention and call in advance.
    • Do not congregate in close contact groups.
    • Maintain 2m distance between yourself and anyone.
    • Avoid touching/leaning on surfaces unnecessarily.
    • Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water.


  • Do not schedule shotgun starts.
    • Stagger/spread the flow of players and patrons.
    • Pre-print all scorecards to avoid players using a registration kiosk.
    • Remove all flags/flagsticks from practice putting/chipping greens.
    • Ensure all benchtops, shelving, office equipment, cash registers, kiosks, card readers, etc are cleaned regularly throughout the day.
    • Clean all contact points on motorised carts, pull carts, and course machinery daily or more frequently as required.
    • Clean all flags/flagsticks/ferrules daily or more frequently as required.


Clubhouse and Proshop

  • Avoid queues whenever possible. Do not congregate in close contact groups while queuing to register/pay.
    • Maintain 2m distance between yourself and anyone.
    • Avoid touching/leaning on any surface.
    • Make sure people follow good respiratory hygiene. Cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow when you cough or sneeze.

On the First Tee

  • Do not congregate in close groups while waiting to tee off.
    • Maintain 2m distance between yourself and anyone.
    • Do not shake hands at any time.
    • Avoid touching/leaning on any surface.
    • Do not “toss up the balls” to determine partners. Use another method.
    • Make sure people follow good respiratory hygiene. Cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow when you cough or sneeze.

General Golf

  • Maintain 2m distance between yourself and anyone.
    • Do not ride in a motorised cart with another person.
    • Avoid touching/leaning on any surface e.g. bench seats, tee signs, etc.
    • Do not touch the flag/flagstick. Leave the flagstick in for all putts.
    • Do not touch other people’s golf equipment.
    • Do not let other people touch your golf equipment.
    • Make sure people follow good respiratory hygiene. Cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow when you cough or sneeze.
    • Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water and avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.

Stay informed and follow official advice

Stay informed on the latest developments about COVID-19.
Follow advice given by your national and local public health authority on how to protect yourself and others from COVID-19.