Changes in 2020:

Clubs required to provide copies of local rules and the specified match index for their course on host days. Page 3  §3.6
Handicap changes in B Grade and Masters. Page 4  §5.1
Clubs to provide Golflink numbers prior to the start of the season. Page 5  §9.1
Slight change to the tie break process - see Tie Break Process. Page 8  §16.3
Introduction of specified match play index for each course in SCGZ pennant - Index List. Page 10  Appendix H
Provision for players whose clubs do not have a junior team in SCGZ pennant to play for another club's junior team. Page 11  §19.1
Provision for clubs to form composite junior teams to compete in SCGZ pennant. Page 11  §19.2
Provision for clubs to enter multiple junior teams in SCGZ pennant. Page 11  §19.3


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