1. Competition in the SBG Tour Match Play Championship will be by invitation only.

  2. The championship is contested in five (5) divisions as follows:
    • Division 1 male      G.A. handicap of 5.0 or less
    • Division 2 male      G.A. handicap greater than 5.0 but less than 10.1
    • Division 3 male      G.A. handicap of  greater than 10.0
    • Division 1 female   G.A. handicap of 10.0 or less
    • Division 2 female   G.A. handicap greater than 10.0

  3. Qualifying handicaps will be as of the date the invitations to compete are sent out.

  4. Playing conditions:
    • Division 1 & 2 male and Division 1 female – off the stick
    • All other Divisions are handicap match play
    • In the handicap divisions the players G.A handicap for the first round remains the same for the subsequent rounds

  5. Qualification for Matchplay Championship. Players will be invited to compete based on the following:
    • They have played at least two (2) SBG Junior Tour events prior to the date the match play is scheduled
    • Invites will go to the lowest eight (8) handicapped players in each division who meet the above requirement
    • In the event that an invited player is unable to compete then the invitation will be extended to the next lowest handicapper, at the committee’s discretion, until the draw for that division is filled

  6. Match play championship format:
    • Play takes place over two (2) consecutive Sundays
    • Day 1 - first round – 40 players in total
    • Day 2 - second round in the morning. Finals in the afternoon
    • Matches commence at 7:30a.m. on both days
    • Players will be seeded based on G.A. handicap

  7. Winners will be awarded their trophy at the SBG Junior Tour Presentation night.

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